Hello and welcome to the website for Mark Pharoah

As you can see from the main categories on the menu, I have various interests.


On this website, you can read some of my published philosophy papers from Biosemiotics, Linguistic Frontiers, Think and METOD journals, and a couple of unpublished texts. Each paper is listed in order of significance with the most important being at the top. I have also given presentations at Moscow State University and was invited to present at Higher School of Economics in Moscow in 2019. The most recent presentation is from The Science of Consciousness conference 2020. I have been invited to write a couple of other texts which are forthcoming.


I am both a performer and teacher of the violin and viola. You can listen to some of my chamber music recordings and solo Bach. On the teaching section you can read my biography and get an idea of the approach I take to teaching the violin and to chamber music coaching.


Here you will find a number of my poems and examples of my wood sculpture work. Feel free to leave comments.


I am a qualified Bridge Club Director (through the EBU) and am registered with the EBU as a bridge teacher. This is my bridge website. I have had articles published in the American Contract Bridge League magazine.

Mark Pharoah - the violinist