Bach Solo Violin – slow movements

CD1 starts with the Bach Adagio in G minor: A soulful movement that seems to want to last for eternity but inevitably reaches its conclusion and, with its last note, holds on… into the distance…..

Autograph of Bach's G minor Adagio for solo violin

Bach Siciliano from the G minor sonata: It has two principle vocal lines sometimes played together and other times interjecting one after the other.

Allemanda in B minor: Quite a long movement if you do all the repeats. Challenging chords interspersed with a driving dotted rhythm that give it a forward pulse

Allemands Double in B minor: this movement is the double of the previous movement which is to say, that you can overlay one with the other and they fit together exactly!

Sarabande in B minor: I love the Sarabandes. A very slow dance and very moving.

Sarabande Double

Grave in A minor: one of my favourites… actually… most of them are one of my favourites. I think what I like about this one is that the melodic line runs throughout with the occasion accompanying chord that should not disrupt the line.

Andante in A minor: I played this at my own wedding… don’t plan to do that again (not that I plan to get married again!). It is a lovely melody with fabulous harmonic accompaniment.

Allemanda in D minor: I think of this as being quite macho. I think I try to underplay the anger and instead try to make it sound forthright.

Sarabande in D minor: One of my favourites… and I mean it this time. Partly because I really like the way I play it.

Adagio in C major: The is incredibly difficult to play but, at its best, should sound like you are travelling among the galaxies

Largo in C major: This has a great accompaniment that pulses most of the way through the piece as the melodic line sings gracefully overhead. Rather tricky to get the articulation in both parts right!

Loure in E major: a movement of simplicity and contentment…

Menuet I and II in E major: This should bring a smile to the face… but a reserved one.

You can now listen to the Bach solo violin – fast movements if you like…

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