Bad Day

You know; when you throw a ball at a wall
Again… and again, and again, and again…
And it bounces back?
…People can be like that wall:

It is so
To just throw the wheel from the road.
…I smile.

Like the urge as a student after violin lessons
To taste the metal of the oncoming train:
All alternative senses pallid and dull
As then, I am now isolate.

Friendship not so much a memory;
Love not so much a yearning;
…I frown.

A world where blood cannot but run
I wince.
All sensibility a reminder of absence
All vibrance,
A puzzling mystery.

When the only flavour to the pallet of feeling
…Is dry:
The ball bounces back.
…i cry, and i cry, and i cry, and i cry.


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